Adela Martínez (XV-Wapato) Abril 27, ’07.
…Hey my name is Adela im from Wapato and I had my XV on April 27, 2007 and Braulio took my pics they were
BEAUTIFUL!!! They were very professional I loved the pics… IF YOU WANT TO HAVE GREAT LOOKING PICS YOU
SHOULD CALL HIM YOU WONT REGRET IT… if I could do my XV again I wouldn’t choose anyone else.

Cynthia Bravo (XV-Yaima) Mayo 12, ’07.
Thanks Braulio. I had My XV On may 12 of 2007. And they turned pretty good. Specially because he took a pic of good details that went on my party.
Specially the one with my main Chambelan.

Lesly Pulido (XV-Yakima) Julio 7, ’07.
hey everyone my name is Lesly Pulido & I had my Quinceañera July 2007 & Braulio was my photographer!..
& honestly he did and AMAZING job. He was always on point & took pictures off all the great moments in my
Quince I recommend him to all the girls looking for a nice friendly & creative photographer.
I love looking back on the pictures & video he took!.. amazing job!
So to all the girls out there looking for a good photographer i recommend Braulio!..

Edith Maldonado (XV-Yakima) Julio 21, ’07.

Hi, my name is Edith Maldonado and i wanted to thank Braulio’s Photography for taking my pictures on the day of my
Quinceañera. The pictures came out great. I had a variety to choose from and i loved them all. He was commited to the work and even
took the time to try new things like in a picture where i can see my reflection, that looked good. He did his very best and took pictures
from the morning until my party ended. He work was great and i love my pictures. Thank you Braulio!!!


Marilu Cruz (XV-Yakima) Septiembre 8, ’07.
I’m Marilu Cruz Am from yakima. All i wanted to say is that i had my XV on sept 8. Braulio took my pics his the greatest
photographer in town. Am telling u because the pics he took were so pertty so if i were u out there girls u may want to hire him
his a good photographer trust me. i had the best pics even though i din’t have the greatest party but all
i know the pictures were so nice so u might hire this guy…


Becky Cruz (XV-Yakima) Abril 19, ’08.
Hola, mi nombre es Becky. Yo celebre mis 15 años el 19 de Abril del 2008. Ese dia queria que fuera inolvidable y queria unas
fotos profesionales. Mis Padres contrataron a Braulio’s Photography para foto y video. Braulio me tomo fotos cuando me estaban
arrreglando en el salón y en mi casa. Tomo fotos muy claras en la iglesia del Santo Redentor. Yo pense que las fotos iban a salir
muy oscuras pero pense mal. Las fotos del parque con mis chambelanes fueron muy divertidas porque nos hizo hacer poses differentes
y graciosas.. Cuando recibi mis fotos…estuve muy contenta porque para ser honesta, eran las fotos mas claras y optimas.
Me encantaron! No pude pedir mas! Las fotos eran exactas como yo los queria. Yo estoy muy contenta que Braulio fue mi fotografo.
Gracias a el yo tengo fotografias que tendre de recuerdo como un tesoro de mis 15 años. 

Lucero A. (Yakima-XV) Mayo 24, ’08.

Hey yakima, this is Lucero I had my xv on may 24th and Braulios was
my photographer. He took a lot of pictures and it was a long process but
in the end it was all worth it. My pictures were the best they came out
gorgeous just like me:-)I would recomend Braulio for all you girls that
are planning to have a xv he has a lot of good ideas and a very bright
mind of how to make you look beautiful:-)
Thank-you Braulio’s Photography.

Salma González (XV-Wapato) Agosto 30, ’08.
Hello my name is Salma, Braulio was an excellent photographer. He was on time for my quinceñera. I like the way he took my photos he did
an awesome job! They were clear and not blury! I didnt have any problems with him. He was creative on the poses with me, my chambelanes and damas.
I love my phots thats all i have to say…..!!!


Cristal Guido (XV-Yakima) Octubre 25, ’08.
Hello my name is Cristal Guido i live in Yakima WA and Braulio took my quinceñera pictures and video on October 25, 2008.
I was very happy how my pictures came out, they were beautiful and captured a very important day in my life. My friend recomemnded
him to me and I am very happy he was my photographer. Something special Braulio did for me and my parents was
he made a family photo by placing a picture of my brother that passed away a year before next to us in a picture
we had taken that day, it came out nice and now i have a family picture of that day. He also made a large photo
of me that looks really nice in my living room. All my pictures look awesome and are really pretty.
I would recomend Braulio’s Photography to anybody that has a special event.


Adriana Canales (XV-Grandview) Febrero 14, ’09.
Hola me llamo Adriana Canales tuve mi quinceñera el año pasado en febrero y me encantaron mis fotos de quince años que me tomo Braulio.
Me gustaron todas sus ideas y la pasiencia que tuvo conmigo. me gusto mucho la pantalla que puso el dia de la fiesta, las fotos estaban bonitas.
Me gustaron todos los effectos que les puso a mis fotos. Se que a qualquier quinceñera le gustaria las fotos que toma
Braulio me gusto que me regalo una foto grande. Es un excellente fotografo.

Coraima Carrasco (XV-Yakima) Abril 4, ’09.
hola soy Coraima Carrasco I did my 15th on April 4, 2009. and my photographer was Braulio he is the coolest person and
also in taking beatiful pictures I loved all the pictures and the video everything was very cool my parent also loved
all his work thanks Braulio for everything speacialy the big picture that pic was awesome!!! If u r planning to have a 15 wedding or any occasion choice Braulio he rocks!!!!!!!

Idalia Ramírez (XV-Yakima) Mayo 9, ’09.
Hey well my name is Idalia and i just had my Quinceñera on May 9th. I had so many photographers to chose from, but i chose
Braulio because i just love how he takes his pictures, my cousin had her 15 party she had contracted him and well i saw that he did a very
Awesome job with her party, and Braulio made it so much fun when we were takin pictures so that is why i chose him. I love how he does his work.
he was never late for anything, he did just what i had expected, and i love how he did not take long to give me my pictures. They came out very clearly
and they looked very proffessional. My Favorite part about this was when he gave me a poster of me because it was just BEAULTIFUL!!!!
i just think that it was a very great experience and well i have no regrets of chosing him as my photographer for my 15.. All u girls who r gonna have a


Araceli Cruz (XV-Yakima) Mayo 16, ’09.
HOLA, my name is Chely. I’m from Yakima. I wanted to thanks BRAULIO for taking his time to take my pics for my Quince.
I have to say that the pics came out super clear, seeable and really nice. The thing that was cool was that they were not blurry or dark it was just perfect.
Me gustaron tanto… But the thing he should of done was taking more pics w/me and chambelanes but its ok because the pics
came out like the way I wanted… But I do recommend you ppl to contact him for any ocassion.
He’s the best photographer ever!!!

Brenda Montoya (XV-Yakima) Mayo 23, ’09.
…Hello My name is Brenda I had my 15 In May 23 2009, from the moment i saw my cousins 15 i knew i had to have Braulio
as my photographer. My pictures were every thing i expected and more i loved his work. Also that he is very friendly and would
keep up with all of my moms ridiculous demands lol. One thing is sure Braulio’s Photography is the best in all of Yakima.


Amanda Velázquez (XV-Wapato) Junio 6, ’09.
Estimado Braulio,
Nada mas una nota para decirte muchas gracias por tomar las fotos de mi quince. Mi familia y yo estamos muy contentos
por la calidad de las fotos que tomaste y nos gusto mucho la varidad de cosas que incorporastes en el video.


Miriam Hernández (XV-Selah) Junio 20, ’09.
Well I’m Miriam
I would first of all like to thank Braulio for taking my quince pictures they came out great. I liked that he did some kool editing on them and none
of them came out with red eyes, closed eyes, or bluriness. The thing i liked the most was the big picture it was a great memory of my 15 and
it came out nice. In my opinion it was worth contracting him to take my pictures because he takes his work seriously and does his best
to make the pictures come out the best they can, i can say that for what they cost was it was so totaly worth it. I was told about Braulio’s
Photgraphy by family members and my friends that have had him take his pictures , i’m glad i choice him because he did a great job on taking the
pictures and making them a beautiful reminder of my quince. i wouldnt have asked for more. thank you!!=)

Indy & George (Boda-Yakima) Agosto 22, ’09.
Braulio en verdad no tengo palabras… en como decirle, HIZO un excelente trabajo. Mis fotos son arte. Nosotros ya teníamos a
alguien mas, pero una hermana nos platico de usted, porque ya ella había visto su trabajo con otra familia. Me dijo: “mira, you need
to make up your mind porque his always booked”. So en ese mismo día hicimos la cita para ver su ARTE. Lo que me gusto de
usted fue muy franco y enérgico en como explico su trabajo. NUESTRAS fotos fueron mas de los que nosotros lo imaginabamos,
le repito no tengo palabras. Gracias por sus humor y su paciencia. si se volviera a casar George and Indy
NO LO PENSARIAMOS dos veces para contratarlo de NUEVO.

Ruby Canales (XV-Buena) Septiembre 5, ’09.
Hi, I’m Ruby Canales and I had my XV last yr on September 5th. Well we know Braulio because hes friends with my uncles and that

how i got a hold of him. his a very funny photographer and i’m sure if u hire him u will have a blast. I love the way my pictures came out
they were very good and look professional.(= Thank you Braulio for doing a good job.(=
sincerely, Ruby
P.S hire him if u want your pictures to look nice and pretty.(=

Jessica Zamudio (XV-Granger) Octubre 24, ’09.
Well I had my 15 on october 24, 2009. My expirience with Braulio was fantastic wel loved my pictures he was there on time and had lotz of pacients
with me and the chambelanes. The pics turn very very good althought i would like other pictures that you took with my red dress. Now i know who 2 hire 4
eny birthdays or enything like that hes a great guy!!
Thanks for taking your time and reading my story lol smiely face !!!!!;;;;;

Yurico & German (Boda – Prosser/Moxee) Diciembre 5, ’09.
me gustaría tomar un momento para darle las gracias a Braulio’s photography por poder tomar nuestras fotos en el dia mas
importante de nuestra vida.. nuestra boda. de un principio Braulio fue muy profesional y tambien amable.. con tantas cosas que hacer

para nuestra boda el iso TODO lo posible para poder darnos todo lo que pediamos, y si lo logro todo.. Nunca dudamos en el,
su manera con la gente es muy gracioso y eso nos ayudo con los nervious.. estamos esperando otra fecha importante
para poder contratarlo de nuevo.. con eventos tan importantes no se pueden tomar riesgo y con Braulio todo es bien asegurado..
con confiance y seguridad se lo recomiendo a cual quier person.. Muchisimas gracias Braulio suerte y sigue haciendo lo que sabes hacer bien..
tus amigos Yurico y German de nuevo gracias y que dios te bendiga. 

Nancy Ocampo (XV-Spokane) Enero 10, ’10.
Hola soy Nancy Ocampo de Spokane Wa. y quiero darle las gracias a Braulio’s Photography por venir desde Yakima
a Spokane a tomar las fotos y filmar el video de mis 15 años, estoy muy contenta con su trabajo las fotos y el video estan
estupendos, hizo un trabajo profecional a todos nos encantaron las poses de las fotos y del video no se diga si yo tubiera
otra fiesta no dudaria en contratarlo nuevamente siempre y cuando quiera volver a Spokane ya que el camino no es muy corto.
Gracias a Braulio’s Photography por su exelente trabajo. Si alguien va a tener un evento especial les recomiendo de antemano a
Braulio’s Photography, no se arrepentiran.
Su trabajo es lo maximo.
Braulio Dios te bendiga.

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